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How to find the best Art College in Delhi?

Another new academic year, and a new race to get admission to the best college in Delhi starts. Most students look for admission to traditional colleges like the Arts, Science and Commerce colleges. Very few try for admission to the limited fine art institute’s in Delhi. It is indeed very difficult to find colleges offering quality education in the field of Fine Arts.

To bridge this growing gap of disconnect between bright, deserving students and art and painting classes, Kalabhumi Institute of Fine Art has been offering quality and at par art classes to numerous students and art enthusiasts in Delhi. For the last few years, Kalabhumi Institute of Fine Art has been successfully running classes not only in Fine Arts but also in all forms of performing arts.

So what makes Kalabhumi stand out amongst the other Fine Arts schools? One reason is its dedication towards art and the artist. It is an institute where theory and practice go hand in hand, by teaching the concepts through rigorous practice according to one’s creativity and power of observation.

Kalabhumi provides students a well-planned syllabus and the knowledge and experience of some of the best art tutors of the country. The art and painting classes conducted here are targeted to equip the students with the requisite expertise to take on the world. This has been proved time and again through the successes achieved by our students. The courses offered here satisfy one's thirst for art while making the student industry ready.

Improving Art Education: How important is the role of the Art Educators?

In our ancient textures it is said "Education is that which frees you up." In the context of modern day education, this is an apt quote. Education must help the individuals express their thoughts freely. In the case of art, the philosophy becomes more relevant, because art directly connects souls. The role of art teachers here is considerable. Let us see how the role of art educators, especially in colleges of art in New Delhi, can improve art education and help connect the artists with the society and the world in a better manner.

Art educators in many institutes of fine arts in Delhi stick to three basic principles of art: the skill of 'creating’, ‘performing', & 'responding'. These skills are truly the most important determinants of the artist which art tutors focus to develop in the students from the very beginning of their courses. Kalabhumi Institute of Fine Art offers maximum phasis on developing these three skill sets in the students and ensures that its staff has the aptitude to inculcate them in the students.

The basic curriculum at Kalabhumi is based on the aptitude of each student so that the teacher can assess the capability of the student and accordingly instruct the student and bring out the best in him/her. They carefully document and explain the salient features of each successful art work that have created a benchmark in the art world. This actually helps to inspire students here to create masterpieces that reflect their thoughts and ideas and connect with the world. Due to these features and the dedication of the art instructors, Kalabhumi Institute of Fine Artist known amongst the students as being one of the premier institutes of fine arts in Delhi.

Another trait that an art educator much possesses is his ability to collaborate with other tutors, educators, and artists in other cultural institutions and societies so that they can create a platform to share knowledge and experience mutually. A beginner gains a lot from such collaboration. Kalabhumi Institute of Fine Art, in this regard, has made a name for itself amongst all colleges of art in Delhi. These healthy interactions of its educators filter down to their students, and students here are encouraged to participate, collaborate, and share as much as possible. This helps them to grow as an artist.

The fate of the students depends much on the contributions of their instructors. An art teacher has a very big responsibility to improve the state of art education and make it more targeted and connected. Among the many colleges of art and numerous institutes of fine arts in New Delhi, Kalabhumi with its able art faculty, has been constantly nurturing budding artists who are increasingly able to express themselves and connect with the society and the world.

Delhi, the first choice for the Best Photography institutes.

It is rightly said, "Memories fade, but photographs do not". Indeed, photos give us a chance to relive those long lost days at any point of time. Most of you may have wondered how beautifully and clearly those pictures have been taken. From deep within your heart, you might have developed a deep interest to create magic through your photographs. You, and numerous enthusiasts like you, come to Delhi every year in search of the best photography institutes in Delhi in order to pursue this passion. Being the educational capital of the country, Delhi definitely is home to some of the best photography institutes. You can find both government, as well as private institutes offering photography classes in Delhi. Gradually, photography institutes in Delhi are becoming popular choices for domestic as well as international students

What is the reason for Delhi becoming the ultimate choice for photography students?

There is more than one reason. Delhi, being the national capital, is always the first preference for the government to set up something new. All new technology invented in this field is adopted by the institutes here. Photography classes in Delhi institutes are also the best because most of the good institutes take students to national as well as international photography tours, where the students get good exposure to understand the latest and innovative techniques. One such institute is Kalabhumi Institute of Fine Art that has gradually emerged as a perfect choice for numerous students searching for the best photography institutes in Delhi. Kalabhumi Institute of Fine Art offers some of the best industry- targeted photography classes in Delhi. These, not only help students to master the techniques and skills, but also serve as a platform for the student to earn name and fame as a professional. Kalabhumi has a consistent record of producing some of the best professional photographers. There are various courses at various levels offered by this institute.

Role of Artist & Art Institute in society and in community development

Since time immemorial, people have captured various moments of glory and pride in different art forms prevalent in our society. Indian society is amongst the most ancient civilizations of the world and one can well witness the transitions and evolution of Indian society through paintings, drawings, and all other pieces of art. Ranging from common people to some of the most renowned names in the history of Indian fine art, all have made great attempt to portray the good and evils of the society. With the establishment of formal institutes of fine art, these art works carry a constant motto to deliver a message to the society to build a better society and contribute to effective and efficient community development. A college of art or an institute of fine art should have a sense of social responsibility and they do serve this purpose to some extent. When someone looks at a painting, few natural questions arise-

"Who has made this, and why?"
"What is the artist trying to say?", and more importantly,
"How does this piece of work affect me?"

Students initially join an institute of fine art or search for a reputed college of art to satisfy his urge to learn the various nuances of art, but gradually and naturally, his work starts addressing the above queries. This seems obvious and clearly apparent and at times one may find nothing new in this. However, the question here is, "is every piece of art able to speak to the society?" "Does every painter, through his paintings, play a small role in community development?"

Kalabhumi Institute of Fine Art, a premier name among modern colleges of art in Delhi, has been steadily excelling towards showcasing the traditional values of Indian society and the evolutionary journey of community development through art in India by encouraging numerous artists from every nook and corner of the country. Kalabhumi is offering an open platform for everyone to achieve their dreams.

As an institute of fine art, students of this art academy are trained not only to master the techniques of the trade but they also naturally inculcate in themselves the need to work for betterment of the community.

Here, at Kalabhumi, social address and community development through teaching fine art are more important than the art curriculum. Thus, Kalabhumi Institute is unique amongst its counterparts.